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Graduates & Students

As a university graduate or student, there’s no better place to gain experience and demonstrate your amazing attitude than with AAP.  The work we undertake is wide-ranging, interesting and challenging. Our clients also provide us with an amazing array of opportunities to enrich both their lives and ours!

A commitment to team-work, a ‘can-do’ attitude, self motivation and a positive outlook are all qualities that we value highly. If you possess these attributes, you may be a future member of our team, so click here to submit your resume for consideration when AAP next has a role to fill.


So you’re an experienced accountant or financial professional and want to join a dynamic company that’s going places? You’ve come to the right place! Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP) is a workplace with a difference. Our belief in empowering and encouraging our staff, coupled with our belief that our staff are our greatest asset, has seen AAP develop a team of dynamic, passionate professionals.

Part of our appeal lies in our friendly work culture and sense of corporate responsibility. People who work for us ultimately share our ideals and, consequently have a very fulfilling and exciting time working for us.

While all of our staff are well qualified, and enjoy furthering their education while with us, we realised long ago that professional qualifications are only part of what makes our staff so exceptional. We hire our staff based primarily on attitude and personality: the things we can’t train or teach.

Team work, a ‘can-do’ attitude, self motivation and positivity will endear you to us, as will your well developed skills, years of experience in either accounting or financial planning and degree qualifications.

Click here to submit your resume for us to consider next time we’re hiring.