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Grow Your Business

Does your business show consistent growth and increased returns? Is your business actively creating a better lifestyle for you and your family? A successful business does exactly that – it provides the time and money necessary for its owners to achieve their lifestyle goals. Sadly, yet unnecessarily, many businesses are a burden to their owners, returning very little by way of income, work satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance. Spiralling debts, poor return on investment, unreasonable working hours and an over-stressed owner are symptoms of a business that needs help.

Objective Assessment

To help you achieve all you want from your business, Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP) will conduct comprehensive assessments and provide you with detailed feedback and a workable strategy for taking your business to the next level. Our personalised, collaborative processes, combined with extensive knowledge and experience across a range of industries, translate into a market-leading edge for AAP clients.

We have found even the most successful businesses owners are open to improving their bottom line by employing a professional to objectively assess their enterprise. At AAP, we certainly believe in the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…”, but our investigations usually uncover innovative ways of streamlining and simplifying a business’ financial and operational functions.

What is there to lose?

A poorly performing business! If you’d like to:

  • Create a business that runs efficiently in your absence,
  • Increase your net return,
  • Retire within five years,
  • Achieve a work/life balance of your own design, then AAP can help.

Our business improvement strategies are dynamic, allowing your business to grow and evolve as we help you reach your goals.

Every financial year without AAP at your side could cost you dollars, so please contact us.

Improving profitability & cash flow

Many business owners cast their nets too widely trying to find customers, which wastes enormous amounts of time and money. Many business owners are offering goods and services that aren’t pulling their financial weight. Many business owners maintain poorly structured accounts receivable and payable systems, which impede cash flow. We could go on…

Only an objective, experienced professional really knows what they’re looking at when they assess the profitability and performance of a business. At Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP), we pride ourselves on our ability to help you identify and achieve your business goals, regardless of the industry you’re trading in.

How can I benefit from a business assessment?

AAP’s professionals can help with a range of strategies that can dramatically improve the fortunes of a mediocre, or sometimes even a terminally-ill business. Our assessments can also streamline successful businesses with our objective and workable strategies to improve performance. The keys to unlocking the success lying dormant in your business are many and varied, but include:

  • Stabilising cash flow
  • Assessing long-term profitability
  • Analysing management structure, processes and administration
  • Establishing an accurate market position
  • Assessing accounts payable and receivable policies, to name but a few.

Helping you to improve your business’ profitability and cash flow doesn’t stop when we’ve conducted our assessment. Our comprehensive plan will provide you with:

  • Knowledge of the key areas you need to focus on for improvement,
  • Detailed action plans
  • Monitoring of your progress as you implement change and
  • Assistance with implementing new systems and processes.

You have nothing to lose and potentially an enormous amount to gain by contacting AAP for an obligation-free assessment of your business.