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We’ve been happy since making the switch, there is a lot we learned about our business that we hadn’t previously covered. We are much more in control now and feel like we are getting somewhere.

We feel much more secure now that we have an overview of everything.

We were going alright by ourselves and didn’t really think we needed anyone else’s help. When you see what is possible, it’s very exciting.

We feel so much better knowing all out affairs are being looked after.  They worked with our lawyer and recommended experts for other requirements we had.  Our financial affairs are so much better organised now, we feel like everything is in its right place.

We liked our old accountant but we knew we needed something more.

Now we have put on a manager to take a lot of the day to day load. Without help, we would never have got to this point. I wish we had started earlier, it would have made life a lot easier in the long run and saved me a lot more money as well. I’m just glad we followed through with it, we are in a much better position now.

We have got enormous satisfaction from seeing our plans turn into results. Previously, we had attempted to do things to improve our business but something would always get in the way. This time we had the right focus and assistance to get through the sticking points and actually see some fruits of our efforts.

When we first got our Total Financial Management [TFM] report, we were shocked to see how disjointed our affairs were. Now we have a comprehensive system of checking everything is in its right place and set up taking into account what we want. It’s great to be able to see that everything is covered now.

It was really hard at first, we are only a small business and it was hard to see that it would happen. We Hadn’t really had that type of service before but I knew what we were doing was not the answer. In the end I’m glad we too the leap, we’ve been happy with the results.

It couldn’t have come soon enough for us.  I was so stressed by the business it was affecting everything.