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Lending & Finance

The way you structure your personal or business loans is of paramount importance to your financial affairs. Effective borrowing, correctly structured, will allow you an enormous amount of freedom to grow your investments or business. Poorly conducted borrowing can mean unnecessarily stressful and costly liabilities for you or your business.

Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP) can help you structure your liabilities so they work for you, creating equity and, ultimately, personal wealth for you and your family. We can help you avoid the costly pitfalls of poorly managed lending and finance practices, including:

  • Your bank choosing the incorrect borrowing entity for your situation
  • Interest being deemed non-deductible due to incorrect advice from the lender
  • Inappropriate debt structuring and terms, resulting in lost tax deductions
  • Locking in high fixed interest rates.

Avoiding costly mistakes

Every business or investment portfolio is different, and needs to be assessed on its own merits, with great care taken to match each situation with its most appropriate borrowing scenario. AAP’s experts have many years of experience in dealing with our clients’ bankers, giving us a wealth of knowledge and a valuable objectivity when dealing with your lending and finance needs.

With the vast array of lenders on the financial landscape, the potential for being locked in to costly borrowing mistakes is real; engaging professionals, who have your interests at heart, will allow you to avoid these pitfalls. Our wealth of experience is available to you, so let AAP help you by:

  • Connecting you with the right lending professional for your situation
  • Advising you on the correct structure for acquisition and borrowing.

No matter the size of your business or investment portfolio, throwing money away is not the objective of any savvy investor. By dealing with professionals and simply ensuring your borrowing position is optimal, you can avoid doing just that.

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