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Planning for your absence

For a number of reasons, your business or investment portfolio needs to be insulated against the effects of both your planned or unforeseen absence. Estate Planning, Succession Planning and Exit Planning are important aspects of any savvy investor’s financial activities.

Estate Planning

Should you, or a family member connected to your business or investments, pass away, you need assurance that those left behind are provided for as requested by the deceased. Engaging Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP) will ensure that you have an integrated estate plan linking your business and investment structures to your legal documentation. This gives you peace of mind that surviving family members are financially provided for, with the myriad of legalities having been looked after before they need to address other profound and personal issues associated with losing a loved one.

Indeed, nobody wants to think about dying, but can you afford not to plan for this eventuality? Lasting disputes between loved ones, significant court costs, years of stress and heartache and ultimately money and assets going to people for whom they weren’t intended; these are the risks you take by not engaging professionals to look after your estate planning needs.

Succession Planning

The time may also have come where you have built up your business and now want to enjoy the spoils of your years of hard work. Retirement can mean a number of things for your business or investments, one of which involves succession planning. This is the process of planning the transfer of a business to the control of new owners, usually family or children. If handled professionally, this process can be a smooth and successful one for all involved, but if poorly planned, the process can mean failure on all fronts!

Engaging AAP to assist with your succession planning will give you a roadmap for where you’re headed, in terms of an exit strategy for you and your business. This will also provide you with valuable reassurance that, should you or a business partner wish to leave the business, a smooth, equitable transition can be achieved without causing any financial disruption.

You don’t want to risk the failure of the business upon your exit, or personnel being paid too much or too little for their services in the event of a change of the business’ structure. AAP’s professionals can give you the peace of mind you need to step away from your business knowing its future is in safe hands.

Exit Planning

The most valuable businesses are those that are self-sustaining in the absence of the owner. Exit planning strategies help you to get your business to this point, whether it be so you can sell it, improve its value, or just generate more leisure time for you and your family.

AAP’s experts will assess your business and help you to design an exit strategy that suits you and maximises the value and functionality of your business for whatever point in time you choose to either leave, or reduce your commitment to it.