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Protecting your wealth

If you’re not content to let the ‘system’ provide for you and your family in years to come, you’re likely to be investing and trying to think outside the box in terms of wealth creation. Taking risks and working hard often pay dividends, but that’s not always enough to ensure the best outcomes from your investments and business activities. Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP) has a wealth of experience when it comes to advising clients on the best ways to protect their investments and quality of life.

You can’t afford not to…

The relatively small financial outlay required to help safeguard all aspects of your financial landscape is an investment you cannot afford not to make. AAP’s professional advisors will look at your situation and advise you on the best ways to preserve your hard-earned wealth. They will assess and discuss with you a range of factors, including:

  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Third party / professional indemnity issues
  • Asset protection
  • Insurance
  • Resilience to market volatility
  • Asset / liability separation, and whatever else your specific situation requires.

Getting the most from what you have

A business or investment portfolio is a terrible thing to waste. Is that what you’re doing by not ensuring your hard-earned investments are running at their optimal financial efficiency?

What is financial efficiency?

At Affinity Accounting Plus (AAP) we define financial efficiency as the broad range of issues and factors which constitute a well-run business or well-executed investment strategy. We believe there are many aspects to consider when devising a strategy for achieving financial efficiency for your situation. These include:

  • Protection of assets
  • Tax minimization
  • Administrative effectiveness
  • Streamlined business operations and
  • Systematic and efficient business processes, to name a few.

Your levels of equity and income, markets and a myriad other factors change regularly and can affect the efficiency of your investments. Our strategies for improving your portfolio or business are dynamic and change as you reach your goals, meaning you can be assured of getting the most from your business or investments at all times. We work with you to help you achieve the income, lifestyle and retirement goals you and your family want.

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